If You Are Suffering From Chronic

Dry Eye, Lieblong Eye Clinic Can Help!

Lieblong Eye Clinic is the only accredited Dry Eye Treatment Center in the River Valley

Lieblong Eye Clinic was the first in the state of Arkansas
to receive the new Lipiflow Treatment System

There Is Relief For Chronic Dry Eye

86% of people with chronic dry eye suffer from MGD…Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), sometimes called Evaporative Dry Eye. The good news is…it’s treatable, and Lieblong Eye Clinic is fully accredited to perform the procedure that can bring you the comfort and relief you desire.

Understanding MGD

Many people commonly attribute their eye discomfort to dry eye, when actually the root cause of the burning, scratching and redness is most likely MGD. MGD occurs when there is a compromise to the function and/or structure of the meibomian glands in the eyelids that produce the protective oily layer of the tear film. This oil helps protect the ocular surface from disease and prevents the watery part of the tears from evaporating when your eyes are open. Without the oils, our eyes become more susceptible to the negative effects that dry climates, air conditioning, computer use, reading and other daily activities can have on the long-term health of our eyes.

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Treating MGD With LipiFlow

While there are multiple choices available for treating MGD, LipiFlow is the only FDA-cleared device for removing gland blockages and restoring gland function. It’s non-invasive, affordable and effective. Nearly 30 million people in the U.S. and over 300 million worldwide have been diagnosed with chronic dry eye. Most just go on living with the pain and discomfort, only to find temporary relief from eye drops or other minimal treatment methods that do not address what causes the uncomfortable symptoms.

You Can Have Relief Today

Lieblong Eye Clinic can give you long-lasting relief and comfort by getting to the root cause of your pain through the LipiFlow MGD treatment. A clinical study resulted in 79% of those treated with a single LipiFlow procedure improved in just four weeks. Contact the professional staff at Lieblong Eye Clinic for complete details or to schedule an appointment by calling 479-968-2020.