Lieblong Eye Clinic

The Frame Room at Lieblong Eye Clinic is a well-established clinic and dispenser of quality eyewear in Russellville and the Arkansas River Valley. We have had many years to become conscious of trends and create a collection of eyewear appealing to a wide array of individuals.

To us, spectacles aren’t something like a shirt that most people change regularly. Instead glasses are worn daily, with the wearer perhaps accumulating a modest wardrobe over the years from which to choose each morning. They’re one of the first things people notice when looking at you, and quickly become an active park of your persona. Finding a great pair of glasses is truly a transformative affair.

Many materials are now available at The Frame Room, beginning with the highest quality acetates (plastics) in a wide array of colors. These frames boast vibrant blues, deep crimsons and combinations in swirl alongside imitation tortoise. Metals from titanium, aluminum and other alloys, color, and sizes. If you decide you want Frame A in Frame B’s colors with a slightly larger / smaller size the optical stylist at The Frame Room can aid you in creating the pair of spectacles best for you.

Our goal is that you leave with a new feeling of confidence and personal style because of the new eyeglasses that you have received from The Frame Room at Lieblong Eye Clinic.